Kindergarten at Maritime Institute Nanjing

The new Kindergarten of Nanjing Maritime University is situated on a very long and narrow plot. To ensure sufficient lighting we decided to group the classrooms into three separate houses. They are placed on top of the ground floor which does not only house shared rooms, like the assembly hall, special classrooms and kitchens, but also provides a generous roof terrace. 
A broad corridor connects all ground floor rooms in longitudinal direction and also creates space for encounters and social interaction. The classrooms and bedrooms group around shared spaces designated to circulation,  wardrobes and hygiene.
Light and modern materials dominate on the exterior while natural materials create different surfaces and impressions on the inside.

Location: Nanjing, China
Year: 2018 – 2019
Area: 9,750 sqm
Function: Kindergarten
Client: Department of Education, Nanjing
Recognition: Competition, 1st Prize