Masterplanning of Wenchuan Wetland Park

Located south-east of Taizhou, Wenchuan Wetland forms a major natural reservation and is home to several rare birds and aquatic species. The borderlands of the protected area will be developed in a gentle way for residential and touristic purposes. 
Wenchuan Wetland Park marks the transition from dense cityscape to the vast expanse of the protected wetlands. Here, where the paved, impoldered city ends, a hybrid of landscape and man-made environment is created. While the outskirts of the terrain are stud with housing blocks, the central part dissolves into islands with detached houses. A network of bridges and footpaths connects the islands with the main roads along the perimeter of the plot. Natural flora and fauna is given much space and offer a unique atmosphere and experience.

Location: Taizhou, China
Year: 2018 – 2019
Site Area: 62,080 sqm
Built Area:  18,340 sqm
Function: Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, Exhibition
Client: Investment Group